Comments from feedback sheets and quotes from letters

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Of the sessions we have completed (now hundreds of professional participants) the average ratings todate from anonymous feedback forms are*:

  Information received: 4.8 (out of 5)

  Presentation Style; 4.85 (out of 5)

  Learning that can be used to help a bullied child (4.7 out of 5)

Here are some quotes from professionals, parents, and kids who have attended our sessions.*


Bully Back Off , which Steve provides to youth and adults in the Chilliwack community is both innovative and unique. The work being done by Steve to combat bullying in our community includes effective classroom prevention seminars which in my experience have been interactive and fun. Thus improving life situations and harvesting nourishing relationships in our community ,
Tara Harrington RCMP

School Principal
Thanks again Steve. All of the sessions were to the point and informative. We will look at ways to instil and review the BEST skills with both students and our parent community.               Angela Utley, , Elementary School Principal

Elementary School Child
I just want to thank Steve and tell him how much he meant to me.  He's really changed a lot in my life.
 I don't love school, but I'm not afraid to go anymore. I now have a  best friend who cares about me, and my marks have gotten way better in  school. And my self confidence has raised to the sky

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Leadership Programs
I recommend that the Bully Back Off program be implemented into Planning 10 classes as it meets important Ministry of Education prescribed learning outcomes and arms young people with the confidence to become self advocates
Jan Gladish ,Principal

The sessions Steve provided were both professional and easily understood by participants. His interactive style connects well with both youth and professionals . Sessions included Effective communications , conflict Resolution , Stress management and Managing Challenging Behaviour
Emanuela Sheena AYCC Coordinator

Parent Program

It was a great opportunity for the students to learn more about how to help their children assert themselves. Your interesting and demonstrative talk and willingness to answer questions made the discussion of a somewhat difficult subject fun and accessible for our students
Carla Mountali ELSA Program

Vancouver Police Dept

The training our youth have received has been invaluable to them as individual and well as in helping to create a culture of non-violence among youth in general  I would be please to recommend your programs or training session to any community looking to alleviate bullying , intimidation or violence of any kind among its youth
Shannon Gorski , Prevention Education Coordinator Collingwood Policing Centre


“Very useful and applicable- can’t wait to try the role plays with my kids.”

“Clear message. Dispels myths about how to deal with bullies”

 “Lots of excellent, real world” skills for kids and adults (me!)”
“Really useful and will practice skills so I can use it in my class/school

“Motivating and presented in a way that is easily related to situations in the class and life”

“Great fun /interactive but a wonderful resource tool-great strategies” 


One of the best workshops I have attended on bullying”

“I will definitely use the skills at work and personally”

“ I hated the role-play – But it was the best way to explain the method. I have never received such great and useful information with regards to the topic.”

"I can see this working!"

"Wonderful Strategies"


“Thanks so much Steve for your presentation. I think all parents came away thinking they had gained some valuable tools.”

*Quotes and ratings have not been edited. Many of the quotes and the average ratings themselves came from anonymous feedback forms,or in some cases, names have been withheld for confidentiality reasons.  All quotes and ratings are fully verified and source documents are on file.