Comments from Professionals who  recently attended or booked our sessions.

It was fabulous.  The Youth (Majority of them) got lots out of the session.  After you left, I did a quick over view/quiz to see what information they retained.  They did really well and remembered what “B-E-S-T” stood for.  Myself and my staff are very thankful for the workshops you have done with us (staff) and the youth.  We will be using these tools/skills/techniques/strategies in our everyday work with the Youth.  Thanks again. 

Natalie Karam Manager - Youth & Transition Services Chilliwack Society for Community Living 

Thanks, Steve.  Great job and we are doing follow-up in our classes from what we learned at your presentation.  Steve and I were both impressed with your work! 

Greg Nelmes Vice Principal Little Mountain School

  All of the sessions were to the point and informative. We will look at ways to instil and review the BEST skills with both students and our parent community.

Angela Utley Principal ,

I cannot thank you enough for your engaging and relevant presentations to our classes.  I heard wonderful feedback from the teachers and from the students.  I will forward your contact information to our Curriculum Department..  It would be wonderful to have your come and present for our teachers in the district.  Thank you again,

Shawna Peterson , Principal


  Anonymous comments from feedback forms:

 This is a fresh new strategy – but very logical

 Very effective ways to deal with a bully

 Great, straight forward , easy to teach

 Fabulous use of examples

 Excellent- likes the involvement of the audience

 Efficient and practical method

 Very useful on a personal level

 Enjoyed the role playing of real-life situations

 I can’t wait for work tomorrow to teach these skills

 Very laid back approach , excellent demonstrations

 Yes , I will be changing my own ways of dealing with bullying in my class

 Very informative

 Great scenarios, similar to the ones that occur in my classroom

 Workshop given in every day language that we could relate to

 I loved the role plays

 The strategy was so straight forward….

 Very helpful

Comments form BC School Counsellors Association Conference

"So different  from what is typically suggested to bully victims, but very valuable"

"I think the children will develop courage"

"Liked the variety of scenarios and handouts"

"Follow a similar approach but your definitely" gave me ideas to improve

"Very interactive and hands on"

"Used humour  well, good methods"

"Great session very informative"

"Great strategy to teach anyone to stop the bully"

"A bit longer to cover even more ( if possible)"

Average rating from confidential feedback forms 

Information 4.8/5

Presentations style 4.7/5

Learning achieved in order to help a bullied child  4.85/5

*Quotes and ratings have not been edited. Many of the quotes and the average ratings themselves came from anonymous feedback forms, In some cases, names have been withheld for confidentiality reasons.  All quotes and ratings are fully verified and source documents are on file.