One of the most harmful types of bullying . It is often relentless and  involves more than one instigator.

Cyber bullying can have serious consequences- Contact us for 1-1 assistance and prevention workshops

604 307 9146  email  bully_back_off@yahoo.com


Never respond by the medium (Facebook, text etc.) That is exactly what they want . Do not give it to them .

Even if the response is “Why are you saying such mean things about me?!”

Do not retaliateeven anonymously

Call us 1 604 307 9146 or email bully_back_off@yahoo.com

It is not really anonymous.  Your child or teachers can discern the most likely culprits.

Have your child learn the skills taught by Bullly Back Off ( see BEST) and talk to them.1-1 coaching is available

Your child once they know the skills must meet with them one at a time ( never in a group setting) hosted by a school counsellor or teacher and talk to them 

Parents : Have your child stop using the medium that the bullying came from. Start a new "facebook " or other page just for children who truly are friends and are not bullying.

Get your child involved in other activities , even if you have to drive them to the other side of town to avoid children that may be bullying them

While unlikely if later the bullied child discovers they involved a non-bulllying child they can always apologize later if necessary.

If you have a friend that is being bullied . The best thing you can do is be a freind.

Reinforce: “I don’t care what they say. I like you . Lets do something together .”


 NetSmartz.org ( not affiliated with BBO) has wonderful videos and information on cyber-bullying and other internet abuse

examples include:  You cant take it back  &   Your photo fate