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Here are some past conferences:

  • BC School Counsellors Association
  • Surrey Teachers Association
  • BC Special Education Association
  • Chilliwack Teachers Association
  • Mission Teachers Association
  • Coquitlam School Teachers Association
  • BCTF- New Teachers Association
  • Langley Professional Development Day

  • Dozens of individual schools and professional  groups that have had us provide training on thier Professional Learning Days

Particpants rated  thier experience an average of 4.85 out of 5 on feedback forms for presentation style, information and learning achieved

Train the Trainer. These workshops take approximately 3 hours and can be customized. Participants leave with a guide book and can then teach/support others. 400.00-500.00 per session.

Call 604 307 9146 or email bully_back_off@yahoo.com to get further information or make a  booking.

Bullying can be stopped! Learn how.


This is a fun and interactive session, geared towards teachers and others working with children/youth. It will allow participants to learn the skills necessary to put an end to bullying.

It has won the Solicitor General’s Award for Community Safety, The Society for Children and Youth Award for Child and Youth Friendly Communities, and A Youth Action Award from The BC Attorney General’s Office, along with several other corporate or society awards.

 Included in these sessions are ways in which participants can teach anti-bullying skills to the children/youth they work with. Children/youth, and even adults, can then personally end any bullying they encounter, before it grows.


This workshop has been presented to schools, PACs, Teachers, and other

Professionals, through-out the lower main-land and Fraser Valley for the past 13 years and has now reached thousands of children/youth, parents and professionals.


Professionals, children, and their parents say,

“It works!”


Other sessions are available that teach directly to children and youth in classrooms, or to parents at PAC meetings.