Looking for something different for your conference, corporate, or non-profit event?

One of the hottest news topics and one of most challenging conditions parents can encounter, "Bullying!"

This session will leave you; entertained, astounded, and enlightened.

Founder of Bully Back Off

Steve Andrews 604 307 9146 or


Steve has had over 25 years working with children and youth and the past 14 specializing in “Bullying” and how to deal with it. Having now reached thousands of professionals, parents and children,

His programs a have won; The Solicitor General’s Award for Community Safety , The Society for Children and Youth Award for Child and Youth Friendly Communities,  Youth Action Award from The BC Attorney General’s Office as well as society and corporate awards.

Constantly bullied as a child and teen, and never telling anyone (not even his parents).  Steve takes you through the constant battle that was his life.  Engaging, funny, touching, and rewarding.

Steve is able to take you there, to the very incidents. Close your eyes and you will be a bystander, a participant, even a victim.  As an adult his child-hood bullying affected his relationships, his work and informs his work today. Let him tell you how. You will be amazed how anger and fear can drive the bullied!

Then he moves on to; “Bullying! How did we get it so wrong?”

What we are doing about it and why it is not working!

And then he provides real solutions.  Participants leave with a new understanding of bullying, cyber-bullying,  and more importantly, real skills they can use themselves or teach their children.

And the bullying will stop!

Comments from past sessions

•             It was fabulous!

•             “Very useful and applicable- Can’t wait to try the role plays with my kids.”

•             “Clear message. Dispels myths about how to deal with bullies”

•             “Lots of excellent, real world  skills for kids and adults (me!)”

•             “Really useful and will practice skills so I can use it in my class/school

•             “Motivating and presented in a way that is easily related to situations in the class and life”

•             “Great fun /interactive but a wonderful resource tool-great strategies”

•             “Excellent!!!”

•             One of the best workshops I have attended on bullying”

•             “I will definitely use the skills at work and personally”

•             “ I hated the role-plays – But it was the best way to explain the method. I have never received such great and useful information with regards to the topic.”

•             "I can see this working!"

•             "Wonderful Strategies"

•             Excellent- liked the involvement of the audience

•             Used humour well, good methods

•             "Great strategy to teach anyone to stop the bully"

And one more from a child!

•             I just want to thank Steve and tell him how much he meant to me.  He's really changed a lot in my life. I don't love school, but I'm not afraid to go anymore. I now have a best friend who cares about me, and my marks have gotten way better in school. And my self-confidence has raised to the sky.