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Please consider our fun interactive workshops for your school or contact us to assist your child.

Delivering anti-bullying programs in Vancouver and Fraser Valley Schools for over 18 years. Teaching thousands of children, parents and professionals how to eliminate bullying.

·         Professionals, teaching staff, & volunteers Train the Trainer. These workshops take approximately 3 hours usually at Pro-D Education Events Participants leave with a comprehensive guide in order to teach/support other staff and assist students. approx 500.00 per session ( reduced if in conjuction with other sessions)

·         Children, preteens/teens, in classrooms: Fun, interactive, Anti- Bullying sessions for ( Approx. 1-1.5 hrs) ( usually 60 students/ 2 or 3 per day) approx 400.00

·         Children, preteens/teens assembly/event: Fun, interactive, Anti- Bullying session  approx 400.00

·         Parents’ education sessions: Fun, interactive, workshop for PACS. These sessions take about 1.5 hours and allow parents to teach and support their children. (reduced if in conjunction with student sessions)      approx 300.00 per session

·         Repetitively bullied children: 1-1 & small groups for children/ families in order to stop the bullying. Cost is approx 75- 125.00 per session. Small groups (of children with similar needs) can be arranged, (min 5 children) 30.00 per child per session.   


Winner of: The Solicitor General’s Award for Community Safety, The Society for Children and Youth Award for Child and Youth Friendly Communities, and A Youth Action Award from The BC Attorney General’s Office, along with several other corporate and/ or society awards.


Over and over we hear from our kids, parents, and professionals

“You know what? This really works!”

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Tel 604 307 9146