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FEEDBACK FORMS AS RECORDED BY BCTF Conference Workshop February 27, 2016

BCTF Conference for New teachers, New TTOCs and Student teachers 2016

Steve Andrews: Bullying Can Be Stopped–Learn How
Participants’ Feedback forms

15 confidential forms were returned :

Content met the expectations 15 yes - 0 no
Pacing of the workshop was appropriate 14 yes -1 no
Handouts were useful 14 yes -1 no


 -Such wonderful analogues
 -Great life skills to put into practice straight away
 -The role plays that we can bring into class and use as a model, as well as teaching us the skills
 -The practical strategy, invitation to contact by email, ideas for classroom
 -Interaction great
 -dAppreciated sending package by email
 Great strategy
 Appreciated manipulating situations using role playing
 Good details analysing the conflict
 Exceeded–walked out with great tips and strategies
 The analogies and the role play. It was amazing!
 Effective delivery. Amazing!
 Appreciated analogies, strategies, B-E-S-T
 Appreciated the fill in the blank aspect of the handouts and that he is emailing a package
 Appreciated the role play, it enhanced his session
 Appreciated all the content! This was an excellent workshop!
 The participant involvement and the videos to go along
 Appreciated the participant involvement and the videos to go along!
 Handouts were super helpful!
 Appreciated how knowledgeable Steve was about the content
 Expectations were exceeded
 Handouts were great
 Appreciated the role playing and props
 Facilitator was very confident
 Really great info
 Liked the email list
 Appreciated really great combo of practical useful information and examples and stories
 Best bullying workshop I have attended
 Real, honest approaches
 Great analogies and methods
 I like strategies and participant involvement
 Great workshop!
 Appreciated the role playing scenarios, information packets, and the presentation was wonderfully done
 Practical–Skill based
 Handouts were awesome–good questions
 Very nice, good presenter
 It was awesome that there were scenarios and everyone got involved
 Appreciated how practical and useful the workshop and handout was
 Awesome info and props
 Appreciate how interactive the workshop was
 Great workshop, awesome information
 Appreciated the handouts! And your openness to being a helpful resource
 Appreciated that you included all the participants
 I liked your eye contact and presence. You showed by example!
 Excellent topic and presentation
Suggestions for changes/additions
 I wish there was more time
 How do you address bullying in group setting–several bullies vs. 1 or 2 bullied
 Even longer workshop
 Too fast
 Too many handouts for the length
 Too short